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Sell your private mortgage for cash!
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My name is John Doe. I'm an expert in private real estate financing. I have worked with individuals and companies in structuring private mortgage and other seller held financing transactions and enabled them to turn these private notes into cash.

My specialties include:

  • helping other professionals to quickly sell difficult properties for their clients, through the creation of mortgage notes which can be sold for cash at the closing ('simultaneous closings')
  • selling existing seller held notes to achieve cash liquidity
  • structuring transactions so that a private note can be used instead of cash when acquiring another property or other asset.

I have also helped buyers buy properties who had difficulties qualifying.

My techniques have also allowed  many note holders  to:

  • resolve estate distributions and divorce settlements
  • obtain goods and services by the conversion of private paper assets to cash, or through barter.


Our Sample Note Buying Business -- Phone: (800) 555-1212, Fax: (800) 555-1212 Email me at: your name